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  1. Bettina says:

    Rian was my best surf coach ever. He has such a good eye and deep knowledge. Thanks to him, I have made a big step forward. He always tries to find the most suitable spot dependent on the individual skills. THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Yvi says:

    don’t miss out on surfing with Rian. he is my surf coach hero. I learned the most while surfing with him and had the most fun sessions. you will also get a video analysis which helps a lot to improve your style. I was never disappointed and ended every session with a big smile on my face. Rian, his brother Kadek & Rian’s wife Martina are doing an amazing job. I always go back surfing with Rian when I’m in Bali, they all became family to me.

  3. carmen says:

    absoluty the best coach ever!!!
    my friend and me had such a great time and improved our surf a lot. With the help of the video analyses and all the helpful feedback of Ryan and Koman.
    We were in Bali during high season and even then, we went to spots where we were the only ones but although we learned a lot about how to behave when the lineup is crowded. i really recommend dana surf and you have to check this, when you wanna learn or emprove your surf in bali.

    Thx a lot ryan, it was such a great and unforgetable time with you!
    See you very soon again 😉

  4. Nicole says:

    Thanks to Rian my partner and I were able to make big progress in surfing. With his dedicated and professional way of teaching we could profit from every single session. We surved many different spots and waves, crowded and uncrowded ones, which helped to make us more confident in every situation in the lineup. If it would be the lessons only, it would be perfect – but it’s even better – Rian is such a gentle and funny guy as well. We enjoy the time with him big time! Super cool, professional, critical and honest person. Thank you Rian. Hope to see you soon! 🙂

  5. Mae ;o) says:

    With great many thanks to Rian I finally learn to Surf. Not an easy task as I’m more a chicken than a surfer. Rian just finds the perfect waves for me, my level and he’ll surely also finds YOUR favorite spot in Bali. He’s the best at avoiding crowds and never gets into the water if it doesn’t make sense. His teaching is very personal and he really wants you to improve your surfing skills. So he’ll be jumping with joy if you finally manage to do that new move or catch that wave by yourself. My only problem is that whenever Rian s not in the water something is missing and I turn into a chicken again. 😉 Don’t miss surfing with Dana Surfguiding & Coaching!

  6. Michi says:

    hi i take now ever on my bali holidays lessons by rian… now a long time, i learn sooo much by him.. he is a realy good teacher and coach. the best thing is the video analyse than you can see what is your fault… he is realy save and bring you to the spots they are working…. i like dana surf bali. i come back evry year and go surf with rian. a lot of positive vibes and surfing he is the man for your lesson beginner or expert he teach you realy good. enjoy dana surf bali.

  7. Danny says:

    Me and my wife have been to many different surf camps in different countries and with all due respect to others, Rian is the best surf coach on the whole planet!!!
    Not only that he is a good surfer with great knowledge of Bali’s best spots, I have never met a coach with such great attitude and 120% commitment to make a customer feel safe and happy in the water all the time.
    … and last but definitely not least, he and his family are simply very wonderful people 🙂

  8. Carole Locher says:

    I`ve been surfing for five years. The progress of gaining speed in the wave, my top turns and my style improved within a couple of surf sessions with Rian. I asked myself why I haven’t surfed with Rian before? His patient and very competent method of teaching and getting to so many secret spots would be worth a lot more than he charges. Thanks for the great surf and the early bird coffees and for your warm hospitality as well from your family.

  9. Remo Weber says:

    I had 10 Surfsessions with another guide before I got to know Rian. His teaching and coaching methods improved my skills rapidly (I was a beginner at the age of 35!) and now I’m able to catch my own waves with a 6.6 board. Thanks a lot for everything Rian (especially for all the good laughing in the line up and after getting the lobster).

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