Name: Rian Dana

Born: 14.03.1983

Surfing: since 2003

Personal details:
Rian is a full hearted Hindu, who has been working in the sport industry since his graduation in school. He met an Austrian Girl while he was working in the Surf Shop and they fell in love. The passion for love leaded also into the passion for surfing. Martina & Rian married three years later and in 2013 the little family was accomplished with their son Nalin.

Rian says: “Surfing is a meditation and it is never too late to start surfing”.


Working experience:

  • 2003-2004: Assisting Manager in the Surfshop Planet Surf
  • 2005-2012: Surfguide & Coach in an Austrian managed Surfcamp in Bali
  • 2012-until now: Freelance Surfguide & Coach at Dana Surf Bali


  • Adventure Surf Instructor (ASI) certificate
  • Life gurad certificate
  • First Aid eduction
  • Experience in surf guiding & coaching since 2005