Bikes & Accommodation

Dana Bike Rental

Still looking for a motorbike? Book it straight away with us and have it delivered to your accommodation.

Bike Rental Package Rates:

Bike Rental price per day
1 day 60’000 idr 60’000 idr
1 week 400’000 idr 57’000 idr
2 weeks 500’000 idr 35’000 idr
3 weeks 600’000 idr 28’000 idr
4 weeks 700’000 idr 25’000 idr

Note: Payment needs to be done on the first day of rental.

/ WhatsApp  +62 819 9942 02 05


Conveniently located just 300 meters from the Beach in the trendy area of Batubolong, Canggu beach apartments is a unique accomodation concept in Canggu,

offering 15 trendy, homy and fully furnished apartments from 1 bedroom (55sqm) to 2 bedrooms (115 sqm) on a tropical landscaped garden with 15 m infinity swimming pool.


Great Beanies for every day inspired by a blossom love affair? 100 % handmade If you don’t have a Dana Beanies beanie then you’re MISSING OUT. These are some sweet beanies were talking about here. They are good to wear in the snow or in the winter when your ears are cold. They look so good you will even want to wear your Dana Beanies beanie in the summer. There are a heap of photo’s of our cool beanies on our website so come and visit us. If you want to find out where to buy one of these cool knitted head wraps then contact us and we will point you to your nearest distributor.


We are traveling the world and making your drone footage dream come true. Check out where we currently are and get your quote today.

Specialized in Drone Video recording, we also provide you with:

  • Drone photography
  • DSLR Video and Photography
  • Project consulting and management
  • Full film production and sound recording

Blades of the gods

Welcome to Blades of the Gods, home to the finest in Balinese blacksmith tradition. Blending 1100 years of craftsmanship with modern quality, our blades include ceremonial Keris daggers as well as chef-endorsed kitchen knives. All knives integrate handcrafted Damascus patterns, or “pamor” in Indonesian, as well the exceptional sharpness you would expect from professional cutlery. It is our honor to share these ancient traditions in their contemporary incarnations.


My name is Adam Walters, I am a scuba diving enthusiast from South Australia. Born in Adelaide I first started diving our local dive sites such as Rapid Bay Jetty and Second Valley in the late 1980’s. I was a keen diver until the mid 90’s when other life priorities took over. Fast forward a few years and it was on a trip to Vietnam in 2006 that the passion was re-ignited. Having a number of days laying about on the beaches of Nha Trang Vietnam in hot humid weather I lined up a dive to check out the local underwater scene. Instantly I was again hooked…